IT maintenance services – Hard & Soft

IT Hardware and Software

The optimal functioning of computers depends equally on the physical components they are composed of and the programs running on them. Based on some studies, it has been found that the most common hardware defects are as follows:

  • -26% defects caused by the power supply or the power supply
  • -26% defects generated by users' negligence
  • -13% defects generated by the cooling system
  • -15% defects generated by assembly and / or transport
  • -10% lightning or static electricity defects
  • -6% defects caused by incorrect use of USB ports
  • -2% Overclocking defects
  • -2% other types of defects

It should also be mentioned that the biggest enemy of computers is dust because the dust deposits on the components inside them lead to excessive heating and this contributes to the slower operation of computers and also shortens their lifetime.

Repair and maintenance


Our company offers a full range of desktop and laptop computer or tablet repair services.

We also offer consulting services for optimal hardware and software choices so that your computer is perfectly suited to your needs.


For our customers we can make wireless networks, cable networks (with UTP cable) or combined networks (cable and wireless) offering the full range of services in this regard.