Web services

Web services

Our company can help you have a complex web presence that fully meets your needs.

More specifically, we can offer you complete services including domain registration, web design & development, web hosting, search engine optimization, maintenance and updating of websites.

In more common terms, we can handle all the operations that are required to create, develop and maintain a website from an idea to a finished product.


Here are some of the projects developed by our company.


















Domain Registration

The first step in creating a complete web presence is registering a domain domain. The most popular extensions are: .COM .NET .INFO .ORG și .BIZ .

We offer a FREE DOMAIN (with one of the extensions listed above) for a period of 2 years to all customers who pay in advance the cost of creating the website.


Web Design and Development

Here we have included the creation of the website with the content and functions desired by the customer, its SEO and of course the integration with the social networks.

The cost of creating a website starts at 300 € but it may increase depending on the site's complexity and the number of pages you want.

Website Hosting and Maintenance

In order to use the website, it is necessary to rent a hosting server, of course, followed by regular maintenance, back-up and update operations.

The rate for hosting a website starts at 5 € / month and the maintenance fee from 20 € / month but these tariffs increase depending on the complexity and size of the website.

Free ssl certificates

Websites that have received FREE domain and are hosted by us, receive a free SSL certificate for domain validation. In addition to enhanced security and trust, this certificate is required for better indexing in Google.


Get a personalized offer

For a personalized offer do not hesitate to contact us because after describing your needs in the most detailed way we will be able to offer you the most advantageous price for the services you need.


Domain Registration

The first step in creating a complete web presence is registering a domain name. A domain name is a unique character set attributed to an IP address of a permanently connected Internet server. An IP address can be assigned to multiple domain names.

Internet users can access a website by typing in the browser address bar that they use the domain name assigned to the site they want to access.

Any domain name must have an extension. This is generally due to the site specificity running on the server assigned to the domain name. The most popular extensions are: .COM .NET .INFO .ORG .BIZ

Web Design

Web design is an authoring process with the intention of presenting certain content on web pages that end-users can access over the Internet using a web browser.

Web design uses many of the key visual elements like all types of design such as:
Layout: This is how graphics and text are arranged.
Colors: Choosing colors should be done to highlight and promote a person's personality or an organization's mark.
Graphics: Here, logos, photos, thumbnails, or icons can be included.
Fonts: Using certain fonts can improve the design of a website.

Web Development


Web development is the back-end part of the site, programming interactions on site pages.

A web developer focuses on how a site works and how customers get what they want from interacting with the site.

Web development is web programming that allows site functionality to be matched to owner requirements, ranging from simple text pages to complex and interactive web applications.

Web Hosting


Web hosting is the service that makes your website available for viewing by Internet users.

With this service, you practically rent a space on a server (or your own server) to host your website so other devices can access it.

There are plenty of types of web hosting services available today, from free services with limited options to specialized business web hosting services and choosing a suitable hosting can sometimes prove difficult.

Website Maintenance

One of the main qualities for a good website is freshness! When the information and content of your website is regularly updated and modified, it gives visitors a reason to come back.

The change builds traffic and traffic in turn contributes to the positioning of leading positions in the charts and search engines.

At the same time, security updates and backups should not be neglected in order to keep the website of hostile actions.

For these reasons, we believe that maintaining a website is important for maintaining a web presence that promotes our clients' businesses.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of optimizing a website to get a place as high as possible in the hierarchy of search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Google processes over a billion searches per day on its search engines. This number is absolutely amazing and is expected to grow as more and more people are using the internet.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the important internet marketing strategies for any business and should be an integral part of long-term marketing strategy in business.

Social Media Integration

"Social Media Integration" means different things for different people and often people simply "want everything" even if they do not know what that means.
Here are some of the meanings of social media integration:
- "Like" button from Facebook as a button for the company's Facebook page (without leaving the site).
-Twitter's "Follow" button for your company's Twitter account (without leaving the site)
- Social sharing buttons, meaning social sharing of web content through Facebook / Twitter / Google Plus
- Newsletters - Automatically distribute news from the site to the email addresses of people who have subscribed to the site to get the latest news.

Of course, not all are necessary or useful for all sites.